I began writing my own songs way back in the summer of 1988 in my bedroom on the Isle of Wight. Nine years later, with over one hundred songs recorded on a small Tascam four track, the best of which filled a five volume cassette ANThology, I eventually played my first solo shows as ANT in London at the very intimate 12 Bar Club, supporting the wonderful Rhatigan. Shortly afterwards I began the first of many fruitful recording sessions with Suzanne Rhatigan and her cat, in her living room, with John Morrison and his Fender bass sat on the sofa. The recordings were done on an old reel to reel, quarter inch eight track recorder for Cushy Productions. Also around this time, Hefner, the band I played drums in, signed a record deal with Too Pure/Beggars Banquet, and life would never quite be the same again!

A boy and his guitar - JOHN PEEL

a long way to blow a kiss by ANT

His voice is sweet as icing sugar - MOJO

The TrickANT

After a couple of very limited edition singles in 1999, on Evil World Records (UK) & Fabulous Friends Records (Sweden), my first albums were released through Fortune And Glory Records in the UK: the CD mini album, Cures For Broken Hearts (2000), the debut CD album A Long Way To Blow A Kiss (2002), & later the compilation CD, Sad To See It's Morning (2004). Having received various bits of airplay on the legendary John Peel show on BBC Radio One, I was thrilled to be asked to record a session for John's show in the summer of 2000. After a permanent move to Sweden and a split 7 on Zenith/Smudgey (2003) the next road took me to Italy where I released 2 CDs with the lovely Homesleep Records: the CD mini album, Floating On The Breeze (2003), and the second full length CD album, Footprints Through The Snow (2006) recorded in sunny Bologna (in the summer of 2004) & later licensed in Taiwan through Avant Garden Records (2006).

Footprints through the snow by ANT

Recommended listening, oh yes! - NME

After a couple more low key split sevens on Let's Expect Art Records of Sweden (2006) & Black Candy Records of Italy (2006), my next release, a CD mini album, came courtesy of the cult label Acuarela Discos of Madrid, Spain. These Long Dark Country Roads (2009), featured help from Cornershop's Tjínder Singh James Milne & my old Hefner band mates Darren Hayman and Jack Hayter. 

Another limited edition split 7 followed, this time with Darren Hayman on another Italian label, Black Kitten Records of Bologna (2009). 

And so I headed East... to the Chinese label Pocket Records, who came out of the blue to surprise me by licensing my second CD album, Footprints Through The Snow (2011) from Homesleep & I set off for my first tour of China! Having previously played concerts in England, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland & Italy, it was in China where I got to celebrate my 100th solo show complete with a special cake! 

We Didn't Move a MuscleANT

Dizzy delicate acoustic pop that speaks with a soft intimacy that's extremely compelling - RECORD COLLECTOR


Shortly afterwards I began work with the cool Italian collective, We Were Never Being Boring, who put out my third full length ANT CD album, The Birds Sing Goodnight To You And Me (2012), co-recorded & mixed By Darren Hayman & featuring other old pals: Jack Hayter, John Morrison, Suzann Rhatigan James Milne.

And so to recent years and my first release as Antony Harding, an instrumental digital mini-album: Only Pipe Dreams In The Pipeline, which also came out on the We Were Never Being Boring collective (2013). WWNBB also put out 2 digital singles (2014 & 2016), (both of which were recorded on the Isle of Wight by an old school friend, Tim Charlton). They also released the fourth full length CD album, By The Yellow Sea (2015), (with 2 digital singles of its own), written in China, recorded in Stockholm and mixed by Tim on the Isle of Wight.

Kisses On A PlateANT

Italian label, Black Candy Records, put out a second instrumental digital album, The Goldfinch and Other Instrumentals (2017). And the long awaited 'best of' ANT, Cry Your Little Heart Out, finally arrived at the end of 2019 as a digital album back on the WWNBB collective, just in time to celebrate 20 years of releasing ant-music!

Best wishes, Ant (2020)

contact: curesforbrokenhearts@gmail.com