By The Yellow Sea by Antony Harding


By the Yellow Sea

Released on 29th June 2015

We Were Never Being Boring Collective (IT)

8 song CD or digital album


01. Walk With No Real Place To Go

02. Once You Had A love

      (But The Love Refused To Grow)

03. A Heart Full Of Happiness

04. Cold Cold Cheeks

05. By The Yellow Sea

06. The Girl From The East Lake

07. Carrying A lot of Blue

08. Light This Love And Watch It Burn


Recorded at home in Barkarby & Stockholm by Ant. Mixed on the Isle of Wight by Tim Charlton. 


Featuring: Antony Harding: DM12 acoustic guitar, nylon acoustic guitar, drums, bass, mandolin, percussion & vocals. Tim Charlton: bass & percussion (3). Bruno Noaro: electric piano (6). Yan Xu & friends: birdsong (8).


Piccoli gioielli di un pop acustico semplicemente delizioso - MUSIC WON'T SAVE YOU. Perfect for cold nights tucked into your blanket drinking hot chocolate; these songs will melt your heart - WORDS AND GUITARS. Fourth album from Ant, and with its abundance of 12-strings and gently catchy songs, it's my favorite one yet! - JIGSAW RECORDS

Oh I know you're still looking for the cure for broken hearts

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