ANT - kisses on a plate 2021

Released: 10th September 2021

Kisses On A Plate - Remaster 2021

Originally released as a free 2 track digital single in 2011.

Soon to be available as a very limited edition numbered

and signed 5 track CD EP on We Were Never Being Boring (IT/USA).


Kisses On A Plate - Remaster 2021

In Your Company

Up On The Downs - Demo

Black Swans On The Water - Original Version

Oh What A Day (Oh What A Night) - Minimal Radio 2012

cry your little heart out - the best of Ant

Released: 9th December 2019

Cry Your Little Heart Out - the best of ANT

Celebrating 20 years of releasing ANT-music!

Available as an 18 track digital album on the We Were Never Being Boring collective of Italy/USA. Featuring some of the 'best' ANT songs since 1999, plus a couple of rarities. 

Vent’anni di ispirazione purissima e luminosa - POLAROID - un blog alla radio

Cry Your Little Eyes OutANT
The Goldfinch And Other Instrumentals by Antony Harding

Released: Christmas Day 2017

 The Goldfinch and Other Instrumentals

Available as a 12 track digital album of scruffy woodland instrumentals recorded during the summer of 2017 and released on Black Candy Records of Italy. 

The original digital version on Bandcamp has 2 bonus tracks and all proceeds taken go to the RSPB.

The Goldfinch: la bellezza del bosco, in musica, secondo Antony Harding - TIO 20 MINUTI

The NuthatchAntony Harding

Released:19 September 2016

True Love (Under Sheets Of Rain)

A new digital single on the We Were Never Being Boring collective of Italy/USA. Recorded on a farm on the Isle Of Wight during a rain storm by Tim Charlton.

True Love (Under Sheets Of Rain)Antony Harding
walk with no real place to go - antony harding


Released: 25 May 2015 

Walk With No Real Place To Go

Available as a digital single by the We Were Never Being Boring collective of Italy/USA.

It's the first of two digital singles taken from the new album, By The Yellow Sea.

Whatever the troubles of your day, this single seems to make everything bad melt away in a gorgeous haze - SOUNDSXP.

Walk With No Real Place To GoAntony Harding
By The Yellow Sea by Antony Harding


Released: 29th June 2015

By the Yellow Sea

Available as a limited edition 8 song CD or digital album,  on the We Were Never Being Boring collective of Italy/USA. 

- Su tutto, resta comunque ben impressa la firma delle scorrevoli melodie di Harding, che spesso non hanno bisogno di molto piu del suo picking o dei suoi arpeggi cristallini per incorniciare istanti ed emozioni fuggevoli in piccoli gioielli di un pop acustico semplicemente delizioso - MUSIC WON'T SAVE YOU

Light This Love And Watch It BurnAntony Harding
once you had a love but the love refused to grow


Released: 15 June 2015

Once You Had A Love (But the Love Refused To Grow)

Available as a digital single on the We Were Never Being Boring collective of Italy/USA. The second single taken from the album, By The Yellow Sea.

Once You Had A Love (But The Love Refused To Grow)Antony Harding
this is just the calm before the storm - Antony Harding


Released: 5 May 2014

(This is Just) The Calm Before The Storm

Available as a digital single on the We Were Never Being Boring collective of Italy/USA.

Recorded & mixed by Tim Charlton on the Isle of Wight. Featuring special guest Marc Maitland (Blocko) on drums.


Tumbling along effervescently to the lightly spun ramble of spring time tweaked rustics - THE SUNDAY EXPERIENCE

(This is Just) the Calm Before the StormAntony Harding
only pipe dreams in the pipeline

Released: 29 April 2013

Only Pipe Dreams In The Pipeline

Available as a 5 song digital mini-mini-album released on the WWNBB collective of Italy/USA.

A short and sweet album of folk instrumentals full of the joys of spring. Written by candlelight during Earth Hour and recorded at home over the Easter weekend, using only acoustic instruments and based around an old mandolin. It is the soundtrack to the end of another cold winter and the long awaited welcoming of spring.

Come In Spring (And Wipe Your Feet)Antony Harding
The Birds Sing Goodnight To You And Me by ANT


Released: 26 March 2012

The Birds Sing Goodnight To You And Me

Available as a 10 song CD or digital album on the WWNBB collective of Italy/USA. Co recorded and mixed with Darren Hayman & featuring guest appearances from: Darren HaymanSuzanne Rhatigan, James Milne, Dave WatkinsJohn Morrison & Jack Hayter.

Enduring songs for the hopelessly romantic and romantically hopeless - GOLDFLAKE PAINT

Somewhere Quiet We Could GoANT
Kisses On A Plate by ANT


Released: 14 November 2011

Kisses On A Plate/Up On The Downs (demo)

Available as a 2 track FREE digital single on the We Were Never Being Boring collective of Italy/USA.

Featuring: ANT, Darren Hayman & James Milne.

Taken from the new album, The Birds Sing Goodnight To You And Me. Comes with an exclusive acoustic demo of Up On The Downs.

A lovely taster for a new album - SOUNDSXP.

Kisses On A PlateANT
These Long dark Country Roads by ANT


Released: 2009

These Long Dark Country Roads

Available as a 6 track CD on Acuarela Discos of Spain.

Featuring: ANT, Darren Hayman, Jack Hayter, James Hayter James Milne.

The best release of the year so far - ROCKFEEDBACK

Time I Was GoneANT