A Shape in the Clouds - demo
00:00 / 03:39

"Just a face in the crowd, just a shape in the clouds, nothing more to you now"

So Lonely When You Go - demo
00:00 / 02:34

"If these walls could talk, oh well they, they wouldn't offer any sympathy"

The Snowman on the Hill - demo
00:00 / 03:44

"You're as lonely as the snowman on the hill, with all that time to kill"

Same Old Same Old - demo
00:00 / 04:36

"Same old same old, same old same old, same old same old"

Choppin' Onions - demo
00:00 / 03:34

"I'm not crying over you, I'm not down or feeling blue, I'm just choppin' onions"