footprints through the snow by ANT


Footprints Through The Snow

Released 02/2006

Homesleep Records (IT)

13 song CD album

01. When Your Heart Breaks (Into Many Little Pieces)

02. In Your Dreams

03. Slipped Away

04. She'll Be Home Soon

05. Spent Too Long Walking With No Heart To Follow

06. This Goodbye Kiss

07. Look How Time Flies

08. Those Memories

09. Change With The Season

10. Up Sticks And Go

11. Haven't You Got Anywhere Left You Can Run To?

12. We Didn't Move A Muscle

13. Heading Home

14. She'll Be Home Soon (demo)*

* bonus track China only

12/2006 - Licensed to Avant Garden Records (Taiwan) as a 13 song digipack CD.

06/2011 - Licensed to Pocket Records (China) as a 14 song CD + lyric booklet.

Recorded in the Alpha Airbase studios in Bologna Italy in August & September 2004 by Giacomo Fiorenza with additional help from Francesco Donadello. (Bass guitar on 7 recorded by Matteo Agostinelli). Mastered by Matteo Agostinelli in May 2005 at the

Alpha Dept studio. Bass guitar (9) by Sean Newsham. Violins (3 & 5) & trumpet (9) by Emanuele Reverberi. Bass guitar (1, 2 & 7) by Giacomo Fiorenza. Voice, nylon acoustic guitar, Wurlitzer electric piano, Ludwig drum kit, Solina String Ensemble, Rhodes electric piano, conga drums, Clavinet, Eko steel acoustic guitar, baby grand piano, plastic maraca, Silvertone electric guitar & Eko Panda 61 organ by ANT.

Enough warmth to see you through to summer - IS THIS MUSIC?  

Probably his best album ever - INDIEPOP.IT.

Tender little acoustic vignettes - ROCK MIDGETS. 

Walking home alone never sounded so desirable - SOUNDSXP. 

The voice of the romantics and dreamers everywhere - FRIENDS OF THE HEROES. 

Close your eyes and breathe it in, sending you into a dreamlike state - SUBBA CULTCHA. 

Will make you warm on a winter night - PENNY BLACK MUSIC. 

footprints through the snow by ANT
footprints through the snow by ANT