Kisses On A Plate by ANT


Kisses On A Plate

Released 14/11/2011

We Were Never Being Boring collective (IT)

2 song digital single


01. Kisses On A Plate

02. Up On The Downs (demo)


Recorded at home by ANT in Barkarby, Sweden & finished off & mixed with Darren Hayman in Walthamstow, London. Featuring: Darren Hayman - electric guitar, James Milne (Cornershop) on bass & ANT on vocals, acoustic guitars & drums. Taken from the album, The Birds Sing Goodnight To You And Me. The B-side features an exclusive home recorded acoustic demo.



A naive hook strewn love song that absolutely radiates charm - SOUNDSXP.

Oh I know you're still looking for the cure for broken hearts

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