Only Pipe Dreams In The Pipeline



Only Pipe Dreams in the Pipeline

Released on 29/04/2013

We Were Never Being Boring collective (IT/USA)

5 song digital mini-mini-album


01 When The Woodland Path Is Dry Again

02 Only Pipe Dreams In The Pipeline

03 Save Your Last Cup Of Tea For Me

04 The Winter That Stayed Forever

05 Come in Spring (And Wipe Your Feet)

A short & sweet mini- mini album of folk instrumentals full of the joys of spring. Written by candlelight during Earth Hour & recorded at home over the Easter weekend 2013, using only acoustic instruments & based around the ex mother-in-law's old Gerdin mandolin. It is the soundtrack to the end of another cold winter & the long awaited welcoming of spring.

All music written and performed by Antony Harding:

(1) Mandolin, nylon string guitar, shakers, conga drums.

(2) Mandolin, ukulele, nylon string guitar, cabasa, cajon.

(3) Mandolin, nylon string guitar, hand drum.

(4) Nylon string guitar, mandolin.

(5) Mandolin, nylon string guitar, tambourine, shaker, 3 hand drums.


only pipe dreams in the pipeline by Antony Harding

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