Imprints Of Emotion EP

Airliner/ANT - Imprints Of Emotion EP

2003 - Zenith Recordings/Smudgey Records (SWE)

Limited edition split 7" vinyl (ZEN 04/SMUDGE 01)

2004 - Fortune and Glory Records (UK) licensed as a limited, autographed edition.

A1. Always Up To You - Airliner

A2. Happiness (version) - Airliner

B1. Mountains - ANT

B2. Breathe My Name - ANT

Songs 03 & 04 performed, recorded & mixed at home in Malmö by ANT. Featuring: ANT on voice, acoustic guitars and Yamaha electric keyboard.

The Odd Fiddler ANT split seven

The Odd Fiddler/ANT

2006 - Let's Expect Art Records (SWE)

limited edition 7" vinyl split single 


A. Something Serious - The Odd Fiddler

B. When Your Heart Breaks (into many little pieces)(acoustic demo) - ANT


Song 02 performed, recorded & mixed at home in Malmö by ANT. Featuring the exclusive original acoustic demo version of the song that appears on the Footprints Through The Snow album. ANT voice & nylon acoustic guitar.

Pecksniff ANT split 7


2006 - Black Candy Records (IT) 

7" vinyl split single


A. I Couldn't Remember The Dream - ANT

B. Wonder Boy/Monster Land - Pecksniff


Song A recorded and mixed by ANT at home in Malmö, Sweden on the Roland VS840 and mixed to DAT. Featuring: ANT on vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, drum machine & xylophone. Additional singing by a Skylark. 

Antony Harding Darren Hayman split 7


Antony Harding/Darren Hayman BUY

2009 - Black Kitten Records (IT)

limited edition 7" vinyl split single

A1. The Bands Who Don't Reform - Darren Hayman 

A2. A Soft Place - Antony Harding 


Recorded by Antony Harding and Darren Hayman.

Mixed by Darren Hayman. All singing and playing by Darren & Antony.

Oh I know you're still looking for the cure for broken hearts

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