These Long Dark Country Roads CD by ANT


Recorded at home in Malmö during 2004 & 2007 on a Roland VS840 & mixed to DAT. Song 1 mixed by Darren Hayman, song 2 mixed by Tjinder Singh, song 5 mixed by Jack Hayter & songs 3,4 & 6 mixed by ANT.

Featuring: ANT: voice, acoustic & electric guitars, drums & electric piano. Darren Hayman: various instruments (01). Jack Hayter: pedal steel & harmonica (05). James Hayter: percussion (05). James Milne: bass (02).


These Long Dark Country Roads

Released 02/2009

Acuarela Discos (ES)

6 song CD mini album


01. Time I Was Gone

02. These Long Dark Country Roads

03. Come To The Phone

04. Smile Your Best Smile

05. Magpies

06. Wherever You Go

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