These Long Dark Country Roads CD by ANT


These Long Dark Country Roads

Released 02/2009

Acuarela Discos (ES)

6 song CD mini album


01. Time I Was Gone

02. These Long Dark Country                Roads

03. Come To The Phone

04. Smile Your Best Smile

05. Magpies

06. Wherever You Go


Recorded at home in Malmö during 2004 & 2007 on a Roland VS840 & mixed to DAT. Song 1 mixed by Darren Hayman, song 2 mixed by Tjinder Singh, song 5 mixed by Jack Hayter & songs 3,4 & 6 mixed by ANT.


Featuring: ANT: voice, acoustic & electric guitars, drums & electric piano. Darren Hayman: various instruments (01). Jack Hayter: pedal steel & harmonica (05). James Hayter: percussion (05). James Milne: bass

A collection of gorgeous lo-fi acoustic pop songs that sparkle with tender spring-like freshness, the delicious melodies haunt you throughout the day, completely knocks you out with its bittersweet tenderness, the best release of the year so far - ROCKFEEDBACK.COM. 

Simple, sweet tunes, soft & warm with some lovely vocals & a fragile heart - TERRASCOPIC.CO.UK. 

Time I Was Gone is an endlessly charming indie ditty - MUSICLIKEDIRT.