When The Morning Arrives by ANT

When The Morning Arrives

Released 06/2009 

ANTsongs (SE)

compilation album

(limited edition of 100 CDRS)



A 25 track compilation album of rarities, demos, out-takes, unreleased songs and a cover version. Originally released in 2009 as 100 signed and numbered CDRS. Includes early bedroom 4 track demos and out-takes from the Cushy Productions 8 track sessions as well as unused digital 8 track recordings.

All songs recorded and mixed by ANT except: 11, 12 & 15 recorded and mixed by Suzanne Rhatigan,17 & 23 recorded by ANT and mixed by Darren Hayman.


01 When The Morning Arrives (unreleased song)

02 The Cure For Broken Hearts (4 track demo) 

03 She’ll Be Home Soon (demo)

04 The Trick (acoustic version)

05 Up Sticks And Go (demo) 

06 What A Wonderful View (unreleased song)

07 You’ve Lost Your Appeal (4 track demo) 

08 The Queue To Your Heart (ukulele version)

09 This Goodbye Kiss (demo) 

10 Never Let Me Down * (unreleased David Bowie cover)

11 Not Sleeping The Same Way (Wurlitzer version)

12 I Hope You’ll Always Be There (acoustic version)

13 The Trick (4 track demo) 


14 The Only Girl (unreleased song)

15 You’ve Lost Your Appeal (slow version)

16 Change With The Season (demo)

17 Where Happiness Begins (4 track demo)

18 Look How Time Flies (demo)

19 Grace (unreleased song)

20 Tongues (4 track demo)

21 Slipped Away (demo)

22 Cold Feet (unreleased song)

23 The Queue To Your Heart (4 track demo)

24 Spent Too Long Walking With No Heart To Follow (demo)

25 We Didn’t Move A Muscle (demo) 

Songs 02/07/13/17/20/23 recorded at home in Walthamstow & Bermondsey, London on 4 track. 

Songs 01/04/08/11/12/15 recorded at Cushy Productions in London on reel to reel 8 track. 

Songs 03/05/06/09/10/14/16/18/19/21/22/24/25 recorded at home in Malmö Sweden on a Yamaha VS840 digital 8 track. Everything performed by ANT, except: Wurlitzer on 11 & 15 by Suzanne Rhatigan, backing vocal on 12 by Suzanne Rhatigan, bass on 01, 11 & 15 by John Morrison.